September, 1987 Techno Medica Co., Ltd. founded.
September, 1988 Blood Gas Analyzer GASTAT-1 launch
October, 1988 Fukuoka branch (south part of Japan) established
Janurary, 1989 Nagoya branch (middle part of Japan) established
Electrolyte Analyzer STAX-1 launch
March, 1989 ESR Analyzer ESR-6000 launch
September, 1990 Osaka branch (West part of Japan) established
April, 1991 Test Tube Preparation System BC・ROBO-520 launch
June, 1991 Development Center in Kanagawa Science Park (KSP) established
May, 1995 Test Tube Preparation System BC・ROBO-550 launch
April, 1996 Sendai Branch (north-east part of Japan) established
March, 1997 Head Quater in Yokohama established
April, 1997 Sapporo branch (north part of Japan) established
April, 1998 Hand-Held Blood Gas Analyzer GASTAT-mini launch
May, 1998 Test Tube Preparation System BC・ROBO-580 launch
Test Tube Preparation System BC・ROBO-585 launch
June, 1998 Second reseach laboratory established
July, 1998 Kanazawa and Niigata branches established
October, 1998 Patent granted for Test Tube Preparation system(No.2834595)
October, 1999 Koshinetsu, Hiroshima and Matsuyama branches established
July, 2000 Nuturient Analyzer Culuturyzer-mini launch
September, 2001 Compact Auto Labeler BC・ROBO-mini launch
December, 2002 Blood Gas System GASTAT-600 series launch
April, 2003 Kita-Kanto branch established
September, 2003 Test Tube Preparation System BC・ROBO-686、787 launch
April, 2004 Hiroshima branch established
September, 2004 Electrolyte Analyzer STAXS-3 launch
December, 2004 Listed on the JASDAQ Stock Exchange
March, 2005 Urine chemistry analyzer UA・ROBO-700i launch
September, 2005 Third Reseach Laboratory established
March, 2007 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
April, 2007 Matsuyama branch established
September, 2007 Test Tube Preparation System BC・ROBO-888 launch
March, 2008 Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
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