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We provide products and services of high originality.

Automated Tube Selecting and Labeling System - Clinical Laboratory Solutions -

We provide automation from blood & urine test registration to pre-analytic phase and patient identification & specimen transfer management systems.We believe reducing patient waiting time, lessen burden of medical personnel and increase the safety will result in innovations in medical and clinical laboratory systems.We design and propose a total system of Automated Tube Selecting and Labeling System suitable to each hospital.

In-vitro Diagnostic Analyzers

We provide a variety range of In-vitro Diagnostic Analyzers such as Blood Gas System, Electrolyte Analyzer, Automated Sedimentation Reader, Fully Automated Urine Analyzer as well as POCT Analyzers, which help customers in diagnosis by measuring and quantifying blood and urine samples.As a manufacturer not only to develop product, but to sell and provide after sales services, we always take an advantage to reflect user demands to each of our product and bring it to market.

Consumables & After Sales Service

 We provide test tubes, barcode labels, urine sample collection cups for Automated Tube Selecting and Labeling System and Automated Urine Aliquot and Labeling System as well as reagents and sensor cards for analyzers.We have support systems to make customers feel confident and satisfied with our products. Call Center responds to users’ urgent call and after sales services will be provided by our own certified service team. (Domestic Market Only)


We provide health check analyzers and self-check kits for lifestyle diseases by applying technology of in-vitro diagnostic analyzers.We provide RFID Process Control System and RFID Blood Transfusion Management and Collation System.Software systems for internet inquiry of laboratory test result, physiology test, health check, microbiology, image diagnosis, blood transfusion, physiology test reservation are available.